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06 Apr Em & Jill

We finally were able to connect to have this engagement session in one of my favorite places - Sauvie Island. These two were so much fun to photograph, we spent an afternoon laughing and I felt lucky for being able to capture two people in...

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23 Mar Kerri & Martina

I've wanted to do a home session for so long, and was really excited when these two agreed to do it! I enjoyed my afternoon comfortable in their home, getting to experience firsthand how happy these two make each other. During the end of our...

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29 Feb Ellen & Leslie

I was determined to get out and have a photo session today despite the weather, and was so lucky that I found a rad couple willing to grin & bear it with me! It started to hail during our session, but that didn't stop us...

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05 Jan Danit & Candace

I met Danit a few years ago while living in Los Angeles. It turned out that she grew up right down the street from the apartment in Beaverton, Oregon that I had just moved out of. She approached me last month and said she would...

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21 Nov Chantell & Seth

This wonderful couple was the second that I got to photograph while attending the OMG! Workshop in Cannon Beach, OR. The weather was perfect and I enjoyed spending an afternoon with a couple that had great energy and were willing to get basically waist-deep in...

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JustineSean31 copy

10 Nov Justine & Sean

I was SO excited and nervous to attend my first workshop as a photographer. I debated turning around the whole time I was driving out to the Oregon coast, but in the end I was happy I didn't listen to that voice of doubt. I...

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